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Who Are We ?

Founded in 1991, the form of the Construction, Europe, Middle East and African countries is among the Turkish construction companies operating on the international platform. That require high-security U.S. Department of State, Overseas Buildings Business Bureau (OBO) projects affiliated with the embassy, our company is one of the most basic of specialties.



Founded in 1991, FORM Construction is one of the few Turkish construction businesses operating on a global scale, mainly in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Embassy projects for the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO), which need a high level of security, are one of our company’s main areas of expertise. FORM Construction creates the difference in construction industry with its experience in international contracts such as FAR, FIDIC, and VOB, as well as its engineering, design, purchasing, and logistics services that meet NFPA, ANSI, OSHA, ASTM, SMACNA, ASME, IBC, and NEC standards. FORM Construction provides services in many fields including construction, restoration, engineering, operation and maintenance for structures require high security measures such as embassy buildings and compounds.

Our mission

In line with the objectives of the project, we keep our customers safe and high-quality construction services. A peaceful working environment, our employees provide to achieve their career goals.

Our vision

In the construction industry, for providing reliable and quality service to become an international brand.

Why Don't We?

FORM Construction, FAR, FIDIC, VOB as such, regulations and international experience NFPA, ANSI, OSHA, ASTM, SMACNA, ASME IBC and NEC standards for engineering, design, procurement and logistic services in the sector are making a difference.

FORM Construction embassy buildings and campuses, intense security measures for structures that require construction, restoration, engineering, operation, maintenance and repair, including in many areas serves.

Our policies

What Are Our Policies?

1Our Quality Policy

Customer Orientation 

  • Working in harmony with customer.
  • Measuring customer satisfaction.
  • Developing safe and high-quality projects in compliance with international standards.
  • Ensuring delivery on time through proper planning and managing of processes.
  • Not compromising on quality due to cost or business program concerns.


Leadership and management

  • Following an open-door policy.
  • Take responsibility.
  • Ensuring employee training and self-improvement.
  • Prioritizing occupational safety.
  • Being aware of quality management and fulfilling the requirements of associated procedures.
  • Risk-based thinking, taking precautions on time, and encouraging employees to think risk-based.
  • Ensuring continuity of quality and improving and increasing work efficiency.


Processes and Procedures

  • Creating, developing, and following up on internal procedures and processes, and ensuring their applicability in harmony with employees.
  • Improving the feedback of employees for all processes and procedures existing in quality management system.
  • Continuously improving the quality management system.



  • Identifying risks and opportunities, taking timely actions.
  • Documenting, reporting and tracking problems.
  • Maintaining corporate structure and respecting corporate culture and values.
  • Establishing, monitoring and tracking quality targets
2Environmental and Occupational Safety

Environmental and Occupational Safety Commitment

  • Determining and allocating duties and responsibilities regarding with the environmental and occupational safety.
  • Identifying occupational health, safety, and environmental targets and ensuring employee compliance.
  • Ensuring an effective occupational health and safety procedure and supporting a continuous improvement.
  • Ensuring a safe work environment and providing the necessary resources.
  • Ensuring resources are used in the most effective manner.
  • Adopting waste management and keeping waste under control.
  • Determining environmental impact of the activities and taking measures to minimize potential problems.
  • Raising environmental awareness among employees, and provide training.


  • Complying with legal procedures.
  • Creating diagrams on targets and follow up.
  • Ensuring sustainability.
  • Determining, monitoring, and implementing internal and external issues.

Risks and opportunities 

  • Implementing risk-based thinking and determining preventive measures.
  • Measuring the effects of risks and environmental problems.
  • Making emergency plans and organizing drills.
  • Procuring security equipment.
  • Ensuring subcontractors are in the system.
  • Training employees on policies and raising their awareness.
  • Determining targets for risks and opportunities, and keeping targets up to date.
  • Holding management review (MRM) meetings
3Our Information Security Policy
  • Undertaking information security of customers, employees, and all solution partners and keeping all data confidential according to provisions of the LPPD .
  • Applying ISO 27001:2013 standard in information security and processes .
  • Incorporating information security into quality management system, establishing relevant procedures, and making assignments.
  • Determining internal and external issues and fulfilling these obligations.
  • Protecting all kinds of corporate information in electronic and physical media.
  • Implementing risk-based approach, taking precautions, and ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Determining the information management system, providing resources, and authorizing employees.
  • Ensuring periodical backups and system maintenance.
  • Raising employee awareness on information security.
  • Measuring, analyzing, and carrying out audits on information security.
  • Incorporating information security in management review (MR) issues
4Our Sustainability Policy
  • Being aware of social responsibilities.
  • Caring about social and environmental risks, and trying to eliminate negative side effects.
  • Caring protection of natural resources.
  • Acting ethical and fair, and respecting human rights.
  • Running transparent management system in compliance with laws.
  • Providing a corporate management approach.
  • Conducting studies for continuous improvement.
  • Prioritizing occupational safety and quality.
  • Determining sustainable, attainable mission and vision.
  • Contributing to national economy by creating employment.
  • Adopting a motivation-based approach to work; creating a sense of belonging in employees.
  • Establishing permanent relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Raising awareness on equal opportunity.
  • Believing in power of culture, arts, sports, and education and encouraging employees on these.
  • Adopting team spirit through in-house activities