Senegal public buildings project
January 1, 2022
Magic Mosque Koutiala
January 1, 2018
Banankoro Military Hospital

Project Location: Bamako / Mali
Client: Ministry of Financial Defense
FORM Construction FORM Construction / Kome
Contract Type: Fixed Price contract
Award Date: 20.01.2021
Completion Date: 20.01.2023
Project Duration: 24 months
Project Description: This infrastructure will be built on an area of 15 hectares and will offer an initial capacity of 279 beds to accommodate both military and civilian personnel. The infrastructures to be built are composed of a building R+2 housing the pavilions of external consultations of all the specialities, a building of hospitalization of 180 beds, a block of hospitalization VIP of 32 beds, a block of gynaecology-obstetrics with 26 beds of hospitalization, a block of medical analyses and a block including a service of resuscitation of 12 beds, a service of medical and surgical emergencies.